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About Us

Money United with Game LLC is a music and entertainment company serving clients in Atlanta, GA and Nashville, TN, as well as abroad via its online capabilities. With over 15 years of industry experience, Money United with Game LLC strives to develop and direct the careers of independent recording artists, up and coming songwriters and producers, as well as aspiring entertainers, through education and empowerment , by way of various, hands-on consulting practices, ultimately inspiring them to take the destiny of a successful career into their own hands.  

What We Offer

Money United with Game LLC offers in-house services such as music business consulting, A&R advisory, talent management, artist development, image branding, and much more. We have affordable, set pricing, for our a la carte services, and we also offer monthly or by-the-project, retainer options for clients. Extended referral services like public relations, digital distribution, and contract drafting/negotiation, to name a few are also available to our current member clients.

Meet The Team

Lee "The Manager" Currie

Vice President/Director of A&R

Courtney Evans "Flyer Chic"

Chief Operations Officer/Assistant A&R

Lee Evans "The Write Hook"

President/Chief Executive Officer


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PRO Sign-up/Affiliation

BMI, ASCAP, SESAC, Sound Exchange

Song Registration

Talent Management

Music Publishing

Licensing/Placements w/Film/TV, and/or major recording artists *requires publishing agreement w/company

A&R Consulting

Artist Development

Performance review, rehearsal space, songwriting rooms, interview training w/PR specialists

Business Management/Financial Planning

Establish publishing company and/or record company LLC, real estate investments, restaurant franchises, stock market/currency trading

Publicists/Public Relation Services


Graphic Design

flyers, business cards, websites, EPK, etc.

Entertainment Attorney Services

Single Song Distribution

to itunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, etc.

Mixtape Placements

for single w/DJs in target markets (TN, GA, AL, KY, NC)

Blog Placements

includes: This is 50, The Grynd Report, Team Bigga Rankin, and Many More!

10 City/Venue Tour

in selected markets (TN, GA, AL, KY, NC)

Single Song Placement

for Mix Shows, Online Radio Rotation and College Radio

Studio Time and Songwriting Rooms

Beats & Production/Mixing & Mastering

w/ PROs, BDS, Mediabase, ISRC Codes, etc.

Song reviews, studio time, songwriting, production

Bookings for shows/features, production/record deals, PRO royalty advances, publishing deals

Image Branding

We offer complete branding services


"A semester of music business school in just a couple of hours"

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Film/TV Placements

Learn the in's and out's of music licensing and how to get your music placed in TV & Film.

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